2021 Webinars

To empower Josephites and families, “SJC Alumni USA Chapter” is organizing various monthly webinars on different topics.   

August 27th, 2021 8:30pm – 9:30pm EST

 " Entrepreneur Mindset "

To educate and encourage our Josepites in Entrepreneurship, the above webinar was hosted.  One of the Josephites named Joe Niranjan Johnbosco had presented the webinar. This webinar has helped all the participants to understand and refine the mindset towards Entrepreneurship. This webinar session was interactive with participants.  Good number of participants (16) benefited with this webinar.

May 29th, 2021

8:30pm – 9:30pm EST

Basics of financial planning, Investment options, Retirement, Protecting assets

This webinar is focused to educate our Josephites on successful financial planning, finding investment opportunities in the USA, planning ahead for retirement and also asset management. Mrs. Vishnu Priya Karthic, who is an Entrepreneur, Notary & Independent Financial Professional, has kindly agreed to give us this free webinar.   Around 15 Josephites participated in this webinar.  Participants' had a very insightful discussion with the presenter.

Apr 24th 2021

9– 10:00pm EST

"Myths and Facts about COVID Vaccine"

During the unprecedented time, the pandemic has introduced an unexpected new level of uncertainty in our lives. During uncertainty, though we see some hope of light in the form of vaccines, still we have lots of doubts on taking vaccines.  To answer all these questions in this webinar Dr.Ben Selvan MD (General Surgeon) had given very detailed information on the COVID virus and different types of vaccine and also the importance of taking vaccin. Twelve (12) Josephites participated in this webinar.

March 27th 2021

9pm - 10pm EST

"Cloud Computing Azure Fundamentals and Practice Session II"

A continuation of the previous January 2021 webinar, this session is focused to provide hands-on practical experience on setup and configuration of the private instance in the Azure cloud.   Discussed various configuration features and benefits of the same in detail. Participants were able to interact with the presenter, Mr.Johnson Sabariar to clarify their doubts and set up their own instances. Around 8 participants benefited.

Feb 27th 2021

9pm -10pm EST

2020 Tax Update


To facilitate and discuss the Tax update for 2020, seasonal webinar conducted on the above topic. Presenter Mr. Peter Yeronimuse, M.Com, EA, CFE, graciously accepted and explained the high level update on 2020 tax filing and property management in India. Around 17 participated and benefited from this webinar. The Q & A session facilitated the participant to clarify their doubts.


Jan 23rd 2021

 5pm – 6:30pm EST

Cloud Computing and Azure Fundamentals


Introduction about Cloud computing and the benefit of the same for midsize and startup companies have been discussed. Basic level of configuration has been demonstrated by the presenter Mr.Johnson Sabariar. Around 10 participants benefited.